Big Bang based on “metaphysics” and “ideology”

Big Bang based upon metaphysics and ideology to select from an infinite number of possible models. The particular metaphysics and ideology … continue

Has the ‘smoking gun’ of the ‘big bang’ been found?

If I hadn’t believed it, I wouldn’t have seen it

Surprising and obvious things that science didn’t know

As mentioned over at Creation Evolution Headlines

Scientists presume to speak with confidence about


Does flaming rhetoric change the minds of thoughtful people?

Ideas have consequences. So do attitudes.

Famous Christian scholar, C.S. Lewis, long supported the idea of theistic evolution, but changed his mind … continue

Galileo vs geocentrism – what really happened?

We’ve all heard about the persecution of Galileo

The familiar, but false, version as recounted in The Persecution of Galileo:… continue

What about bad things done by the Church?

When confronted with evidence for the truth of Christianity, skeptics often change the subject by asking “What about bad things done by … continue

Guest on One Nation Under God Radio (8.21.2014)

Richard Walker is interviewed by Dan Zimmerle on a wide range of topics related to the evidence for a Biblical creationist worldview. … continue

No explanation for Origin of Life; Present *not* key to the past

Evolutionary biology doesn’t even have a plausible origin of life scenario.

Check out Origin of Life: How are we doing?

According to … continue

Proteins “Close to a miracle”, Rocks don’t bend without breaking

Evolutionist miracle of the day – The Origin of Proteins:

“Close to a Miracle”: Unexpected Candor on the Origin of Proteins

Michael … continue

Some Info about Info

If Information exists, then materialism is false

A discussion about the nature, storage, and communication of information and its relationship to reality.… continue

Where does the evidence lead?