Broadcast Sept 30, 2013 – Dino fossils not as old as you think

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Soft tissues preserved in dino fossils:

  • scientist admits “a lot of our science doesn’t allow for this, all of the chemistry and all of the molecular breakdown experiments that we’ve done don’t allow for this…”
  • “pose a radical challenge to the existing rules of science that organic material can’t possible survive even a million years, let alone 68 million”
  • reviewer said it’s impossible and no data could convince them otherwise (how’s that for objective science and following the data where it leads)
  • scientists looking for new scientific process able to overcome the ones we can test in the lab

Carbon-14 detected in dinos:

Biblical creation a polemic? Yes! – the truth is always a polemic against falsehood.

Intact biomolecules in 350 million year old crinoid fossils.

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