The ax continues to chop down the tree of life…

DNA similarity *NOT* evidence of  evolutionary ancestry (recent or not)

Tree of life was the topic of the Oct 15,16 broadcasts, with discussion of attempts to suppress the topic on the 17th.

The (known to be false) old story of the neo-Darwinian tree of life:

  • 1. single root, all life from a common ancestor (LUCA) = common descent
  • 2. genetic changes result from undirected mutations
  • 3. resulting genetic variation filtered by Natural Selection
  • 4. history of life show by simple tree of life, single root with branching but no connections across branches

Items 1,2, and 4 definitively known to be false:

J.Craig Venter:  “The tree of life is an artifact of some early scientific studies that aren’t really holding up…So there is not a tree of life.”

“The tree of life is being politely buried,” said Michael Rose, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Irvine. “What’s less accepted is that our whole fundamental view of biology needs to change.”

Bacteria Take Up Dead DNA, Scrambling Evolution

“That DNA from dead organisms drives the evolution of living cells is in contradiction with common belief of what drives the evolution of life itself.”

Bacterial natural transformation by highly fragmented and damaged DNA

2 thoughts on “The ax continues to chop down the tree of life…”

  1. I linked to your site (thank you) from even before I read the article there. Thank you for the calm, informative way you delivered this crushing blow (if they will receive it as such) to the greatest hoax on earth. I have immediately book-marked your site, and will be back. It’s scary how much information is out here that Christian arm-chair apologists like me are not using!

    1. Thanks for both the comment and the link. You guys have been doing a great job at for a long time. Keep it up! In a class I taught recently it was commented that it seemed like the more we learned, the harder it was to believe evolution. My reply was that when you are trying to prop up a story that isn’t true you keep getting slapped in the face with reality. If the Biblical account of history really is true, then creationists need have no fear at all of deeper research. However, we must be vigilant for suppression and twisting of the actual facts and that’s were and many other sources come into play. We hope to add just a tiny bit to that effort ourselves.

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