Evolutionists revise history; Genes as subroutines

Richard Dawkins rewrites history

  • 2009 – Junk DNA is just what evolution expects
  • 2012 – No junk DNA is “exactly what a Darwinist would hope for”

See In Debate, Britain’s Chief Rabbi Tweaks Richard Dawkins with the Myth of “Junk DNA”

Also, as usual, the more we learn, the more compatible our knowledge is with Biblical Creation. For some recent revelations see Former Junk DNA Candidate Proves Indispensable.

Some of the primary candidates for being labeled “Junk DNA” have been the highly repetitive regions of the genome that, after years of study, seemed to have no discernable function despite the fact they were found to be actively copied (transcribed) into RNA. However, new research has shown that the RNAs encoded by these regions are key players in promoting genome stability and function.

Scientists first realized that some long non-coding RNA molecules (that don’t code for a protein) could specifically spread across chromosomes and modify their function during their study of the Xist gene (X inactive-specific transcript) which is located on the X chromosome.2 In the cells of female mammals, one of the X chromosomes becomes inactivated by transcripts produced from the Xist gene that literally coats the chromosome in a blanket of Xist RNAs.


A cell processes information like a computer network

The information processing within cells is very similar to what goes on within a multi-computer network. As a long time software engineer, I see many remarkable processes in cells that remind me of sophisticated software and hardware features of systems we design. For example:

  • genes = subroutines
  • DNA repair = memory error detection and correction
  • regulatory regions = application level calls to subroutines when needed
  • repeated regions to control timing of execution
  • epigenetics (eg tagging dna) = parameters to adjust execution
  • intracellular communicaton = local area network
  • intercellular communicaton = wide area network
  • Self-modifying code = How Life Changes Itself: The Read-Write (RW) Genome

But don’t forget that to the evolutionist, none of this was designed. No wonder atheist Thomas Nagel and previously “the world’s most notorious atheist” Antony Flew acknowledge the failure of materialism; they’ve opened their eyes to the obvious.

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