Neo-Darwinism is Dead – the Reasons

Why do evolutionary experts say “Darwinism is Dead”?

Jumping spider eyes. Evolutionists claim that the complex eye—with a lens and retina—originated at least five separate times, as it is found separately in vertebrates, cephalopods, annelid worms, jellyfish, and spiders.

The Altenberg 16 got together in an attempt to discover “the elusive process of evolution.” Why do they claim that the Darwinian formula of undirected mutations plus natural selection is insufficient? Here are a few of the problems:

  • abiogenesis – life from non-life, no explanation, this is not part of the Darwinian formula, but it is required for any naturalistic explanation of life’s existence
  • the Cambrian Explosion – sudden appearance of many different types of complex creatures with no evidence for ancestors (see Darwin’s Doubt)
  • pattern of fossil record – as Gould put it disparity precedes diversity – extremely different types of creatures show up first in the fossils, only followed later by creatures with more similarity to each other. This pattern is reversed from what Darwin required, and matches exactly the Biblical creation account.
  • genes must have existed before being needed – eg. the developmental genetic toolkit which controls the organization of multicellular bodies

Where are the detailed quantitative evolutionary explanations? All we seem to get are qualitative generalities such as ‘self-organization’, ‘self-assembly’ and ‘plasticity’

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