Further demonstration of The Limits of Darwinism

I highly recommend Dr. Michael J. Behe’s best seller The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism which is describe as follows:

When Michael J. Behe’s first book, Darwin’s Black Box, was published in 1996, it launched the intelligent design movement. Critics howled, yet hundreds of thousands of readers — and a growing number of scientists — were intrigued by Behe’s claim that Darwinism could not explain the complex machinery of the cell.

Now, in his long-awaited follow-up, Behe presents far more than a challenge to Darwinism: He presents the evidence of the genetics revolution — the first direct evidence of nature’s mutational pathways — to radically redefine the debate about Darwinism.

And further, in a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper, A Key Inference of The Edge of Evolution Has Now Been Experimentally Confirmed

Casey Luskin and the ID The Future folks have graciously permitted us to share this episode:

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin sits down with Dr. Michael Behe to talk about a recent study that strongly confirms that severe problems face even relatively minor Darwinian evolution of proteins. Listen in as Dr. Behe discusses how just this one detail of life is beyond the abilities of Darwinian evolution, in ways that even skeptics of the theory didn’t consider potentially problematic.

Finally, an important note. We need a new acronym: ANCDTDO – A Necessary Clarification Due To Darwinist Obfuscation.

ANCDTDO – Intelligent Design (ID) is *not* creationism, despite the deliberate confusion sown by Darwinists who would rather you never see the evidence for yourself.

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