Consider the evidence. Really!

The Origin of Life Headline of the Day: Ice-blasting test proves that comet impacts can spark life’s ingredients

  • BBs shot into chemical loaded ice produce amino acids!
  • Life requires amino acids
  • Thus comet impacts could create “chemical building blocks of life”
  • (SHHH! Don’t tell anyone life requires left-handed amino acids…)

The Origin of Presidents Headline of the Day: Hail errosion test proves that weather can create Mt Rushmore’s presidents

  • Experiments show hail can remove small pieces of rock from a mountain
  • The presidents’ heads at Mt Rushmore’s were made by removing pieces of rock
  • Thus we’ve shown that hail could produce the Mt Rushmore Presidents!


Forest Gump paraphrase of the day: Life is like a scrabble board

All origin of life scenarios are like a claim that we’ve determined how the wooden scrabble letters might be made. If someone figures out a materialist method to create the exclusively left-handed amino acids life requires, that would be perhaps equivalent to creating wooden letters for a scrabble board. These letters are required. Consider a scrabble board filled with the millions of words, sentences, and paragraphs of the specifications for building the space shuttle. If I explain to you how to make a wood letter, I have not explained the origin of the info for building the space shuttle. There is no hint of any materialistic method for creating such information.


Intelligent Design (ID)

  • Is *NOT* an “argument from ignorance”
  • Is an “inference to the best explanation”

Opponents continually pretend to misunderstand this, and they continually misrepresent ID accordingly. What they really demand is only an “inference to the best *materialist* explanation” as demanded by their worldview.

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