What to do with the data?

How is the evidence related to origins handled? We discuss seven categories of response.

What should someone seeking the real truth do?

a. be aware that all “data” is then interpreted to reach conclusions – don’t allow someone to present their conclusions as if it is data.

b. understand that “consensus science” is not science at all ; real science is driven by data, not the majority opinion

c. be very aware of how materialism/naturalism/atheism is used to restrict allowable interpretations within mainstream science — hence the attempts to disallow ID from being considered at all!

d. don’t jump to conclusions ; the mainstream science view is materialistic and is promoted constantly on TV, in media of all sorts, in public school, and in almost all higher academic programs. Be aware that almost everyone has seen only a very biased view of the info related to origins .

e. seek to balance your view!

f. much creationist scientific interpretations and research is available for free : this program for instance!; 1000’s of articles available at the LINKS shown on this website.

The Creation Museum (near Cincinnati) is great! Much to learn. Many resources.

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