If you can’t win the argument, shut down the discussion

On the past 2 shows we discussed the “Darwin was wrong about the tree of life” issue, including the cover article in New Scientist. We included the quotes from the actual scientists detailing the reason why the old tree concept is incorrect and must be modified into a web. Here’s one typical reaction that we shared:

Meanwhile, the New Scientist cover itself has generated a storm. One leading anti-creationist blogger writes that he is “still angry” that in the midst of his and other skeptics’ efforts, “New Scientist hands the creationists a propaganda goldmine”. Such is his anger that he says, “Don’t buy New Scientist. Don’t support those that provide support for creationists.”

So telling the truth about the data is “propaganda” if it conflicts with the standard Darwinian story…

There are bloggers and forum participants all over the place that are stating that the title is inaccurate, ie Darwin was NOT wrong about the tree of life. This flies in the face of the actual scientific data, which we presented from the actual scientists!

Let’s revisit how consensus science works…

How not to have a discussion of the actual data:

Popular science decides to shut down comments on their articles. Popular Science shuts down comments, citing the presence of dissent from the scientific consensus, and A note on Popular Science’s editorial tantrum = new “no comments” policy, …

and now New Scientist thinks it’s a good idea: New Scientist author supports Popular Science shutting down comments


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