Proteins “Close to a miracle”, Rocks don’t bend without breaking

Evolutionist miracle of the day – The Origin of Proteins:

“Close to a Miracle”: Unexpected Candor on the Origin of Proteins

Michael Behe wrote on October 16, 2013

From ASBMB Today, the official magazine of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:

“Over all, what the field of protein evolution needs are some plausible, solid hypotheses to explain how random sequences of amino acids turned into the sophisticated entities that we recognize today as proteins.”

Well, duh!

Interestingly, the print magazine copy (which I get as a member of ASBMB) is entitled: “‘Close to a Miracle’: Researchers are debating the origins of proteins.” The online version, however, is entitled: “‘Close to a Miracle’: Researchers are debating whether function or structure first appeared in primitive peptides.”

It sounds to me like somebody might’ve leaned a bit on the headline writer.

Another of the geological structures that defy the standard explanations: radically bent, but not broken or metamorphosed strata: Soft-sediment deformation: Recent Flood Evidence

So why are these structures considered very old, despite their obvious characteristics? Radiometric dating!

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