No explanation for Origin of Life; Present *not* key to the past

Evolutionary biology doesn’t even have a plausible origin of life scenario.

Check out Origin of Life: How are we doing?

According to well-known origin of life researcher Eugene Koonin (2012),

However, the origin of life—or, to be more precise, the origin of the first replicator systems and the origin of translation-remains a huge enigma, and progress in solving these problems has been very modest — in the case of translation, nearly negligible. …

In my view, all advances notwithstanding, evolutionary biology is and will remain woefully incomplete until there is at least a plausible, even if not compelling, origin of life scenario. The search for such a solution to the ultimate enigma may take us in unexpected (and deeply counterintuitive for biologists) directions, particularly toward a complete reassessment of the relevant concepts of randomness, probability, and the possible contribution of extremely rare events, as exemplified by the cosmological perspective given in Chapter 12. Koonin, Eugene V. (2012). The Logic of Chance: The Nature and Origin of Biological Evolution. , Pearson Education, Inc., Publishing as FT Press Science, New Jersey, page 417. [colour emphasis added]

Skull “Rewrites” Story of Human Evolution — Again

What a surprise, when multiple contemporaneous hominid fossils are found together, evolutionists finally consider that they may be just individuals of the same species – even though there are some differences. They note that living humans have a range of variability! Creationists have been writing about this for years: Homo erectus ‘to’ modern man: evolution or human variability?

Geology: the present is not the key to the past

More from Michael Oard’s Flood by Design

Geologists have admitted:

present-day landscape cannot be explained solely in terms of current processes or even those that operated in the geologically recent past.


The most far-reaching implication arises from the recognition that almost all landforms are relics and have not been shaped only, or even largely, by present-day processes. In other words, a powerful variable in the present-day geomorphological system is the relief inherited from the past and often shaped in environmental conditions very different from those of the present.

As long as the Genesis Flood is ignored, geology will lack successful explanations for what we see around us.

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