What about bad things done by the Church?

When confronted with evidence for the truth of Christianity, skeptics often change the subject by asking “What about bad things done by the Church?” This is a valid question, but as always, the devil is in the details. It often turns out that the much of the public have misconceptions about really happened in the history of the church. However, there have been atrocities and this needs to be discussed.

There is vital difference however. As Creation magazine reports

About the only response that anti-Christians can give is that the history of the church has not always been good. The most important issue in reply is this:

Atrocities in the name of Christ are inconsistent with real Christianity, which is revealed in the Bible; atrocities in the name of atheism are consistent with it.

Note that we are NOT claiming that all atheists are always ‘evil’ or can never do good things, but that atheism provides no basis for judging right from wrong.

Evolutionist Jaron Lanier showed the problem, saying, “There’s a large group of people who simply are uncomfortable with accepting evolution because it leads to what they perceive as a moral vacuum, in which their best impulses have no basis in nature.”

In reply, the leading atheist and evolutionist Richard Dawkins affirmed, “All I can say is, That’s just tough. We have to face up to the truth.”

Be sure to read the article for these important topics:

  • Inquisition
  • Salem witch trials
  • Crusades
  • Religious wars?
  • Christian terrorists?
  • Hypocrites in the Church
  • Atheistic atrocities
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