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Galileo vs geocentrism – what really happened?

We’ve all heard about the persecution of Galileo

The familiar, but false, version as recounted in The Persecution of Galileocontinue

What to do with the data?

How is the evidence related to origins handled? We discuss seven categories of response.

What should someone seeking the real truth do?continue

Bible gets the facts wrong?

Refuting supposed contradictions of fact:

  • mudstones
  • polystrate fossils
  • buried forests? – Specimen Ridge vs Spirit Lake by Mt St Helens
  • opal formation

“How could Adam and Eve see the stars?”

Perhaps the single biggest apparent conflict between Biblical Creation and mainstream science:

How did light from galaxies millions of light years away


Broadcast Sept 23, 2013

Genetic comparisons of human and chimp.

The problem of pain and suffering: How can this happen with an all loving, all powerful God?… continue

Broadcast Sept 20, 2013

Today we provide some, mostly short, answers to anonymous questions about topics that can cause people to doubt their faith, or to disbelieve in … continue