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Galileo vs geocentrism – what really happened?

We’ve all heard about the persecution of Galileo

The familiar, but false, version as recounted in The Persecution of Galileocontinue

Guest on One Nation Under God Radio (8.21.2014)

Richard Walker is interviewed by Dan Zimmerle on a wide range of topics related to the evidence for a Biblical creationist worldview. … continue

Neo-Darwinism is Dead – the Reasons

Why do evolutionary experts say “Darwinism is Dead”?

Jumping spider eyes. Evolutionists claim that the complex eye—with a lens and retina—originated at

“The Heretic” – an atheist who dares to challenge Darwinism

Who’s afraid of Thomas Nagel?

Darwinists, that’s who. Why? Because he wrote Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature continue

Cosmos episode 3 – When Ideology Conquers Truth

review of Cosmos episode 3 – When Knowledge Conquers Fear,

The continued historical revisionism is getting old. Why not present actual evidence for the atheist … continue

Why So Serious?

If the evidence for Intelligent Design is not scientifically persuasive, why do opponents resort to bullying?

I’ve noticed that generally the validity of one’s argument … continue