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Unmasking Evolution’s Magic Words

Great article from Institute for Creation Research by Dr. Randy Guliuzza,
Unmasking Evolution’s Magic Words

Everyone certainly sees design in nature


Evolutionists revise history; Genes as subroutines

Richard Dawkins rewrites history

  • 2009 – Junk DNA is just what evolution expects
  • 2012 – No junk DNA is “exactly what a

Arguments evolutionists should not use: speciation, consensus, homology, embryo similarities, fossils

Arguments evolutionists should not use


We have a popular article titled, Arguments we think creationists should not use. Indeed, even many … continue

Broadcast Oct 1, 2013 – “Christians can’t be real scientists”

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Christian beliefs do *not* interfere with being a scientist!

  • Many founders of modern science were Bible believers.
  • There are many creationist