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No explanation for Origin of Life; Present *not* key to the past

Evolutionary biology doesn’t even have a plausible origin of life scenario.

Check out Origin of Life: How are we doing?

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Proteins “Close to a miracle”, Rocks don’t bend without breaking

Evolutionist miracle of the day – The Origin of Proteins:

“Close to a Miracle”: Unexpected Candor on the Origin of Proteins

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Geomorphology has failed to explain landforms

The mainstream science view of geology fails to explain many obvious and significant geological structures, such as mountain ranges, planation surfaces, and


Bible gets the facts wrong?

Refuting supposed contradictions of fact:

  • mudstones
  • polystrate fossils
  • buried forests? – Specimen Ridge vs Spirit Lake by Mt St Helens
  • opal formation

Scientific evidence for young heavens, earth, and mankind (from Sept 19, 2013)

Scientific evidence for young heavens, earth, and mankind

  • Spiral galaxies wind up
  • Comets disintegrate
  • Sediment filling the ocean
  • Salt accumulation in the

Radiometric dating from a “Christian perspective”

The ancient “ages” calculated by radiometric dating techniques is often the single biggest reason given for insisting that the history in Genesis simply can’t be … continue

Ham/Nye debate – commentary

video analysis of Nye Ham debate at Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith


The first voice (in the sweater on the right in