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Some Info about Info

If Information exists, then materialism is false

A discussion about the nature, storage, and communication of information and its relationship to … continue

“Origin of Life” – Where’s the info?

Some continued discussion of the origin of life

While admitted to be unsolved, the false impression given to the public is that … continue

Meaningless world or creation of God?

Do we live in a meaningless world that just happened to occur, or are we the creations of God?

Which of these … continue

Evolutionists revise history; Genes as subroutines

Richard Dawkins rewrites history

  • 2009 – Junk DNA is just what evolution expects
  • 2012 – No junk DNA is “exactly what a

Darwinism: Haeckel’s “Scientific Religion”; Darwin’s Doubt debate

Haeckel’s scientific religion

Haeckel, however, was not simply a biologist in the sense that we would use that word today. For he saw himself—and was … continue

Darwin’s Doubt; Mathematical challenges to evolution; Creation Scientist: Dr. David Catchpoole, plant physiologist

Broadcast Sept 26, 2013

Evidence for God found in:

  • The existence of anything at all
  • The fine-tuning of the environment for earth (“The Privileged Planet”)
  • The origin of