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Galileo vs geocentrism – what really happened?

We’ve all heard about the persecution of Galileo

The familiar, but false, version as recounted in The Persecution of Galileocontinue

Broadcast Sept 25, 2013

Dragons = Dinosaurs?
American Indians familiar with extinct creatures?
Were they the world’s first paleontologists?
Dino soft tissue?
Creationists liars?
Does really good evidence … continue

Broadcast Sept 5, 2013

Myths that are based in fact; life from non-life?; Maiori’s Giant Eagle (Haast’s Eagle); Collossal squid; Devil’s Corkscrew made by paleocaster beaver, supposedly extinct … continue

broadcast Sept 4, 2013

Looking for love in all the wrong places; “Dragons or Dinosaurs” by Darek Isaacs; dragon legends from many cultures; Dragons admitted to be Dinosaurs … continue