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Big Bang based on “metaphysics” and “ideology”

Big Bang based upon metaphysics and ideology to select from an infinite number of possible models. The particular metaphysics and ideology … continue

What about bad things done by the Church?

When confronted with evidence for the truth of Christianity, skeptics often change the subject by asking “What about bad things done by … continue

Guest on One Nation Under God Radio (8.21.2014)

Richard Walker is interviewed by Dan Zimmerle on a wide range of topics related to the evidence for a Biblical creationist worldview. … continue

Theistic belief not a problem for science; Living gears

Electron micrograph of gears in issus.

Electron micrograph of gears in issus. (The evidence of the Designer continues to grow.)

As you read the details of the amazing … continue

What to do with the data?

How is the evidence related to origins handled? We discuss seven categories of response.

What should someone seeking the real truth do?continue

Meaningless world or creation of God?

Do we live in a meaningless world that just happened to occur, or are we the creations of God?

Which of these … continue

The Amazing Existence of Mathematics; Earth Too Special

If evolution is true, then math is just something made up by our brains which are themselves the result of undirected evolution, … continue

Did the universe form spontaneously from nothing?

Scientists claim to have proven that the universe came from nothing. This has been publically announced for some time:

“The universe burst


Materialism requires miracles

The physical laws of thermodynamics preclude any notion of this universe existing if materialism is correct.

  • Once energy and matter exist, they