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If Big Bang and Evolution were true, God would and could have said so

A few inconvenient facts

1. Consensus science claims Big Bang and Evolution are fact – stellar evolution, solar system evolution by … continue

Evolutionists revise history; Genes as subroutines

Richard Dawkins rewrites history

  • 2009 – Junk DNA is just what evolution expects
  • 2012 – No junk DNA is “exactly what a

“The Heretic” – an atheist who dares to challenge Darwinism

Who’s afraid of Thomas Nagel?

Darwinists, that’s who. Why? Because he wrote Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature continue

Theistic Evolution and Equivocation 101: ‘Evidence’ as ‘Divine Guidance’

Theistic evolution – what is this, exactly?

An interesting discussion occurs within the comments of a blog at uncommondescent

Apparently some former graduates of Bryan


Big Bang matches *all* evidence?? Interview with Lawrence Krauss

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Intellectual suicide not required to be a thoughtful Christian

The amazing existence of mathematics…why does it work?

If evolution is true, then math is just something made up by our brains which are themselves … continue

Broadcast Sept 3, 2013