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Big Bang based on “metaphysics” and “ideology”

Big Bang based upon metaphysics and ideology to select from an infinite number of possible models. The particular metaphysics and ideology … continue

Has the ‘smoking gun’ of the ‘big bang’ been found?

Guest on One Nation Under God Radio (8.21.2014)

Richard Walker is interviewed by Dan Zimmerle on a wide range of topics related to the evidence for a Biblical creationist worldview. … continue

“How could Adam and Eve see the stars?”

Perhaps the single biggest apparent conflict between Biblical Creation and mainstream science:

How did light from galaxies millions of light years away


Did the universe form spontaneously from nothing?

Scientists claim to have proven that the universe came from nothing. This has been publically announced for some time:

“The universe burst


One Serious Scientist

To counter the often-quoted and often-refuted statement that there are no serious scientists who believe in Creation, let me introduce you to continue

If Big Bang and Evolution were true, God would and could have said so

A few inconvenient facts

1. Consensus science claims Big Bang and Evolution are fact – stellar evolution, solar system evolution by nebular continue

Real ‘quote mining’ by theistic evolutionist. Evidence for gravity waves, really?

Michael Peterson quotes Lewis in Mere Christianity as flatly affirming that “Everyone now knows… that man has evolved from lower types of … continue