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No evidence for evolution’s “Tree of Life”

A Primer on the Tree of Life (Center for Science and Culture)

some excerpts:

…when speaking before the Texas State Board … continue

Darwin’s Tree of Life uprooted

Darwinian evolution made simple:

  • mutations change DNA content in an undirected way
  • Natural Selection (NS) then “selects” from among the resulting variants

Neo-Darwinism is Dead – the Reasons

Why do evolutionary experts say “Darwinism is Dead”?

Jumping spider eyes. Evolutionists claim that the complex eye—with a lens and retina—originated at

Evolutionists revise history; Genes as subroutines

Richard Dawkins rewrites history

  • 2009 – Junk DNA is just what evolution expects
  • 2012 – No junk DNA is “exactly what a

Molecular machines in cells – evidence of design

The origins of modern science is based on a Christian worldview.

From The Creationist Basis for Modern Science

An orderly universe makes


Genes from nowhere: Orphans with a surprising story

As usual, as the detailed data accumulates, the complete disconnect with evolutionary expectations grows. Below are a couple of articles about “orphan genes”, a rapidly … continue

Unlocking the Mystery of Life; Questions for your biology teacher

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, continue

The ax continues to chop down the tree of life…

DNA similarity *NOT* evidence of  evolutionary ancestry (recent or not)

Tree of life was the topic of the Oct 15,16 broadcasts, with discussion of attempts … continue