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Bible gets the facts wrong?

Refuting supposed contradictions of fact:

  • mudstones
  • polystrate fossils
  • buried forests? – Specimen Ridge vs Spirit Lake by Mt St Helens
  • opal

Still squishy after all these years? (apologies to Paul Simon)

The continued existence of original tissue in ancient fossils, such as dinosaurs was so completely unexpected that Dr. Schweitzer described a problem with a reviewer … continue

Soft dino tissue explained by iron?

It was considered impossible for original soft tissue to still exist in dinosaur bones. When just such finds were first reported, detractors … continue

Broadcast Sept 30, 2013 – Dino fossils not as old as you think

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Soft tissues preserved in dino fossils:

  • scientist admits “a lot of our science doesn’t allow for this, all of the chemistry