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Scientific evidence for young heavens, earth, and mankind (from Sept 19, 2013)

Scientific evidence for young heavens, earth, and mankind

  • Spiral galaxies wind up
  • Comets disintegrate
  • Sediment filling the ocean
  • Salt accumulation in

One Serious Scientist

To counter the often-quoted and often-refuted statement that there are no serious scientists who believe in Creation, let me introduce you to continue

If Big Bang and Evolution were true, God would and could have said so

A few inconvenient facts

1. Consensus science claims Big Bang and Evolution are fact – stellar evolution, solar system evolution by nebular continue

Planetary magnetic fields can’t be billions of years old

Earth & Mercury’s Decaying Magnetic Fields
* Boy do the atheists have a problem: Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart interviews continue

Broadcast Sept 26, 2013

Evidence for God found in:

  • The existence of anything at all
  • The fine-tuning of the environment for earth (“The Privileged Planet”)
  • The origin of