Students told “evolution a fact” while experts “don’t understand evolution”

Notice that in the following course info from Indiana University, evolution is presented as absolute, unquestioned fact! From INTRODUCTION TO continue

What to do with the data?

How is the evidence related to origins handled? We discuss seven categories of response.

What should someone seeking the real truth do?continue

Meaningless world or creation of God?

Do we live in a meaningless world that just happened to occur, or are we the creations of God?

Which of these … continue

Bible gets the facts wrong?

Refuting supposed contradictions of fact:

  • mudstones
  • polystrate fossils
  • buried forests? – Specimen Ridge vs Spirit Lake by Mt St Helens
  • opal formation

“How could Adam and Eve see the stars?”

Perhaps the single biggest apparent conflict between Biblical Creation and mainstream science:

How did light from galaxies millions of light years away


Scientific evidence for young heavens, earth, and mankind (from Sept 19, 2013)

Scientific evidence for young heavens, earth, and mankind

  • Spiral galaxies wind up
  • Comets disintegrate
  • Sediment filling the ocean
  • Salt accumulation in the

Where does the evidence lead?